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  • Son

    Chris Leader

    "My father was the greatest man I knew....but so much role buddy and best friend....there is no words to describe the hole his passing will leave. He inspired me then as he does now and will continue to do. Till we meet again ❤️"

  • Son in law

    Chris Bidner

    ""Howie was a special father in law who had a wicked sense of humor. I'll never forget the time I was having trouble with my aging eyes and was having difficulty hitting my golf ball. One day, on the first tee, Howie said "hold up, wait a minute". He then pulled out a VERY large styrofoam ball with tee and said....."see if you can hit this one!" Rest in peace sir and remember to keep it in the short grass.""

  • Tribute

    Wayne DeForest

    "Uncle Howie, our times together on the golf course were always fun times, good memories and the important thing a ton of laughs. Golfing with your son Chris, daughter Jane and her husband Chris were fun times as well. The chats on the phone, the stories, the people he knew, just incredible. You are missed my uncle, my friend...FORE"

  • Daughter

    Jane Bidner

    "Dear Dad. Children seldom realize or acknowledge how a parent has shaped their life. The woman I am today, is in many ways because of you, Being your oldest child and a girl at that, came with expectations. You were an exceptional athlete, excelling at many sports. Hence I grew up learning how to skate, throw a baseball, play hockey, fish etc.I can also chop wood, clean a fish and build a fire. You didn't decide not to teach me these things because I was a girl. Your work ethic was passed on as well. You always said...if you're paid to a job, do it right. Being the oldest I remember you always working 2 jobs to take care of our family. Your wit, sense of humor and ready smile still remains in all us kids. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention your stubbornness and quick temper. So today I'm a tough, kick butt, take no prisoners, stand on my own two feet kinda gal. Job well done. Thanks Dad. I'll be seeing you. Love Jane"

  • Friend

    J Glaspell

    "RIP Howie. You are loved and your legacy shines on in your Janie. You should be so proud of who you are - he must have been as well. To know you’ve left in your daughter your self and what you stand for - that makes a parent proud, and he must have left this world at peace knowing he’d done that. "

  • Friend

    M and R Oakley

    "Jane... From the stories you shared, it sounds like you father was a character. He will be sorely missed by family and friends."

  • Friend

    Harj Gill

    "Ah bud, so sad you are gone.  You will always be in our hearts and in our memories and truly missed.  You were a rare gift of friendship to our family that will never be replaced.  Your dry sense of humor, your jokes and banter, the treats of freezies, the stories you would share and the way you viewed life, I absolutely loved your outlook on life and understood you, you were much more than a friend.  If anything positive to your passing, I am glad you got to go the way you wanted to,  the same way you lived your life...just get it done. "

  • Friend

    Harj Gill

    "Howard was simply the best neighbor ever and a true friend to all of us.  Heather adored him and Arjun would always be across the street chatting with Howard and Harry (at 4yrs old).  Our friendship grew throughout the years and he became a part of our family.  Coming home from work,manicured and lush lawn (Howard). Hedges trimmed and shape (Howard).  Waking up in the morning and driveway snow plowed (Howard). He did all this from the kindness of his heart(I am also certain he got tired of looking at my front yard in disrepair) Loved and missed Harj, Heather and Arjun"

  • Friend

    T Reardon

    "Jane...Just wanted to express my condolences to you & your family. I know how hard it is to lose your Dad. Big hugs to you my friend!!!"

  • Friend

    J n G Wetmore

    "Jane... Our most sincere condolences xoxo"

  • Grandson

    J Langlois

    "Big hug coming your way Mom. Isn’t much anyone can say or do to make it better, but perhaps the thought that Aunt Joni isn’t alone anymore is a start ❤️"

  • Friend

    J Earls

    "Jane, I am so sorry. I know there is nothing I can say right now, just know that I am thinking of you and your family."

  • Friend

    D n S Dodge

    "No words, just all our love "